What people say...

" The Meditation Retreat was an enriching, unforgettable experience that has provided me with a sense of personal power to face anything! Forever calm and with all the time in the world to listen, Gena teaches the tools of how to live a life of integrity and truth. I have learnt that Meditation is not a state of inertia- instead, it is a state where one must have the courage to go 'inward' and allow the inner spirit to present itself and in doing so, heal every aspect of self..."

Sarah Tabuteau
Artist, Writer and Educator

"It was a fantastic introduction to skills that I will use! Over the 4 week Meditation Course, I learnt to relax and focus on my 'inner self'. I realised how important it was to take better care of myself!"

Liz Wise
Registered Nurse

"After completing the 6 week Personal Development Program, I learnt a lot about myself and developed a new way of being in relationship with others. My relationship with my life partner has grown to new levels, virtually from Week One! I learnt to listen more, blame less and communicate more effectively. I am happier and allow more time for myself (with my partners blessing) – I am walking taller now! I now understand that my judgement of others is often my own self judgement! This new perspective has reduced my feelings of anger and resentment towards others, which has to be good for me. Gena is an excellent facilitator of change. Non-judgemental, understanding, compassionate and insightful. She is also very natural and relaxed and I am eternally grateful to her for her support..."

Danny Tiomkin
Employment Consultant

"Gena has been my teacher for some time, in relation to exploring creativity and hidden potential. Gena is wise, compassionate, lots of fun and an inspiration to be around. She has taught me a lot about painting techniques; the creative process; how to work through creative blocks and most importantly to believe in myself! With her guidance, I have the confidence to express freely and without judgement. Gena has also introduced me to the beauty and richness of the inner world through Meditation."

Melissa Tauber
Artist, Writer and Actress

"During the 4 week Meditation course, I gained more clarity and peace and I have more energy and focus. My business has taken a different and more positive direction. I have been using my skills and developing more of my gifts and potential!"

Robyn Hayes
Founder of 'Soul Sisters'
Consultant, Facilitator and Events Manager

"The Meditation Retreat has been an incredibly valuable experience. It has assisted my creative processes and the ongoing application of the knowledge acquired through the classes continues to be very helpful in the production of my artwork. In particular it made me realise I should take more time out for myself, and to acknowledge that taking this time is not only justified, but important and necessary! Since the retreat I have felt this energy moving through my body that wants to get out!"

Lani Siow
Professional Artist

"The meditation classes were a wonderful experience! I am thinking more clearly and my sleeping patterns have changed. I used to have trouble sleeping and now I find it's so much easier to fall asleep at night."

Renee Hayes-Kennedy
Promotions Consultant



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