Meditation for Beginners and Advanced

One Day Intensive Retreat or Short Course (4 weeks)

Meditation is a proven method for reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, controlling pain and improving health. Meditation is a natural and invaluable skill that gives you access to your own inner wisdom and innate feeling of happiness. It has the power to transform your experience of who you are. Discover simple, practical and effective techniques to relax the mind and body. The methodology is based on ancient principles that you can apply to your everyday life. The course/retreat explores the deeper meaning of our lives in a spiritual context and has a philosophical content, which includes time for discussion and questions.

What will these classes do for you?

• Reduce stress and anxiety by working within yourself to achieve harmony.
• Improve health and general well being by slowing the breath, heart rate and stabilizing blood pressure.
• Provide you with more energy and greater focus
• Give you clarity and insight
• Enhance creativity
• Assist you to resolve inner conflict

N.B. * Individual consultations are also available



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