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Gena Marian Kelly is an artist, teacher, facilitator and counsellor. She completed a BA Honours Degree (Visual Art) at Deakin University in 2002; has exhibited her artwork in group exhibitions (Theatreworks, 4 Cats Gallery, Deakin Post-Graduate Exhibition) and is a member of NAVA (National Association for the Visual Arts). Gena draws on her interest and research of Iconic Cinema Imagery, Psychoanalysis, Astrology and Greek Mythology to create paintings that reveal conscious and unconscious aspects of the female psyche, relating to personal identity and wholeness. She is particularly interested in Carl Jung's Collective Unconscious and the Archetypes which are symbolic themes of the human condition, significant in the process of psychological growth. Whether it is figurative, landscape or abstract, Gena's art reflects her personal experiences, making them authentic expressions of contemporary art.

Gena, who was a Registered Nurse for many years, embraced her creativity in later years and believes we all posses the innate gift of creativity. She has developed a business where she inspires and motivates people to express their creativity, explore hidden potential and make positive life changes. Gena lives and works in Melbourne.

These works are available for exhibition, purchase or reproduction. Contact Gena for enquiries.

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Fate of OrpheusDescent

Drawing on Astrology, Greek Mythology and Jungian Psychoanalysis, the paintings are concerned with the journey or descent into the unconscious. It deals with the opposing forces within the psyche and restoring them to the realm of paradox. In this context, the unconscious is otherwise known as Hades, the Shadow, Pluto or the Underworld. The abstract negative space is a metaphor for the invisible aspect of Hades that one often experiences during a Pluto Transit. Astrologically, the Planet Pluto is a name associated with Hades, and deals with repression, secrets or what is hidden in the unconscious. The transformative aspect of Pluto Transits, often reunite us with lost aspects of self, resulting in reclamation of personal power and a more honest relationship with self. The sign that Pluto is transiting, symbolises the qualities of the human psyche that are drawn to the surface to become conscious. The vibrant bands of colour and the framed compositional element, provide structure, and are a metaphor for the conscious aspect of self that struggles to maintain the balance within the psyche.

Hestia and Hades Shades of Nekyia Consent to Paradox
Psyche Triumphant Pluto's Intent Resurrection of Chiron
Hermes WitInternal Sibyl

Figurative & Landscape

Constance Duality

Drawing on feminist-psychoanalytic discourse, the paintings reveal conscious and unconscious aspects of the female psyche, relating to personal identity and desire for wholeness. The paintings have evolved from a combination of cinema images (the iconic female images are a representation of how the social image of women was reflected in Classic Hollywood Cinema of the 1940's) and personal photographic references, concerned with Carl Jung's Collective Unconscious and the Archetypes. They are symbolic themes of the human condition, which are significant in the process of psychological growth. The compositional elements of the artworks in most cases are a combination of the figure and landscape, which present as dual imagery, placing the viewer close to the subject. The architectural interior spaces places the viewer from the inside looking out. The use of colour in contemporary structural images and monochrome, black and white or black acrylic in the dated 'frozen' images, suggests synergy of past and present. The juxtaposition of the dated and structural image is concerned with subjectivity, and the integration of the multi-dimensional aspects of female identity. The structural images, predominantly doors, windows and stair wells, have a metaphorical significance on a subjective level, relating to the process of wholeness or what is known in Jungian Psychology as Individuation.

Confrontation Aperture
Laura Laura and Oliver

Early Works



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