exploring creativity


Exploring Creativity and Hidden Potential

In these classes you are inspired and motivated to express yourself and discover your hidden talents. You are given strategies that will assist you towards removing the obstacles to creative expression and resistance to change. Through writing, painting and drama techniques, the emphasis is on the process of expression and creating rather than the end product. The notion of intuition and creativity in painting will also be explored. No special artistic talent is required and the classes are suitable for all ages.

What will these classes do for you?

• Increase self esteem and confidence
• Stimulate imagination and creativity
• Inspire you to use your hidden talents
• Empower you and give you a sense of fulfilment
• Allow you to relax, have fun and be more spontaneous!
• Give you the ability to identify feelings and blocks to emotional expression and personal growth
• Make you feel younger and more alive!

N.B. * Individual consultations are also available



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